“Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be. - Woohyun”

Sungyeol is always doing that thing where he gives me feels

Woohyun giving encouragement to his boyfriend

Kim Myungsoo-ssi or Kim Myungsushi?

Do you ever just look at Dongwoo and want to go talk to him and hug him and become best friends with him?

Prince Charming

Season 2? I don’t know anything for sure but it would be nice they were hinting at their second full album

Fan-taken pictures that look like photo-shoots

Just another day I the life of Kim Myungsoo

Hoya’s face hurts me

Everyone needs a little shirtless Sungyeol in their life

Walking down your spiral staircase in a long ball gown to see your handsome husband playing a song that he composed just for you

I wish Woohyun was at least one of those people you see every day on your way to where ever you are going and, even though we never interact with one another, we still notice when we don’t see each other on that daily path to where ever we are going

I feel like any argument with Myungsoo would end as soon as he looked at the other person

It took me a second to realize that the sexy man next to Dongwoo was Sungjong

All I want in life is to hug Dongwoo and take a nap in his fluffy hair

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