Goodnight smooches from Woohyun
Sungjong looked so good in this performance that I am actually upset
I feel like you could never be sad around Sungyeol. The world needs more Sungyeols.
Squishy hyung line
Our happy dinosaur is always here to cheer you up
If you don’t want Myungsoo to sing you to sleep then you are lying to yourself
Let’s start today off with a sweaty Hoya
Woohyun please be my pet
Happy birthday to our cute maknae Sungjong!! To celebrate let’s hand out lemon candies to people who look sad or stressed ^^
How dare you be so casually sexy?

So some of you may remember a while ago I said I would message all my followers because I love them all and a few of you probably got a heart felt message but… That was before I started college… So I don’t actually have any time to do that~ however I do love you guys a lot even if we never talk! So if you were really looking forward to a message you can send me an ask and I will come visit you and talk to you OR I will even send you a hand written letter and we can be pen pals if you want that! Sorry I couldn’t complete my task but maybe if I feel bad about it later I will do a give away ^^ just know I love all of you and I’m always here to listen!
Also I might not post as much on some days because college

Why wasn’t I invited to this slumber party?
August  27 10 ♡
I’m just going to pretend that Dongwoo is packing for the vacation we are going on together
August  26 14 ♡
Vampire gyu is a very good kind of gyu
Happy birthday to my favorite happy virus! I hope one day I can return all the smiles he gave me ^^