New reality TV show about the family INFINITE
July  24 4 ♡
I’m really liking how our maknae is looking in this picture
July  24 5 ♡
Dongwoo’s mouth is unnatural
July  24 7 ♡
Don’t be fooled by that fist. It’s the umbrella in the other hand we have to worry about.
July  23 1 ♡
Watching Dongwoo be Dongwoo is how I want to spend my life
July  23 18 ♡
Angel of love, grease, and sexiness
July  23 1 ♡
Sunggyu’s not so rare “I’m so done with your shit” face
July  23 3 ♡
Korea’s flower boy gangster
July  21 32 ♡
Hoya rubbed his eyebrow causing many fan girls to faint
July  21 14 ♡
Glistening sweat, sexy shaved hair, revealing shirt. Yup our Sungjong has become a man
July  19 11 ♡
I’m pretty sure that Dongwoo was born to make people happy
July  18 11 ♡
Live footage of a singing hamster
July  18 6 ♡
Sungyeol daydreams out the window. I day dream out the window. Not saying anything is for sure yet but I think I’m married to Sungyeol…
July  18 12 ♡
mermaids-indians-pirates whispered: your bday is july 23?? me too! (ps: I stalked your sungjong umbrella post tags and saw you said your bday was the day after haha sorry for stalking)

AWESOME! I found my inspirit twin! Happy early birthday! And don’t worry, I love when people stalk me ^.^ even though I thought they were releasing this mv just for me I guess we can share this lovely birthday present~

July  18 0 ♡
The most bad ass thing Sungjong has done in a music video is poke a wall with an umbrella
July  17 1 ♡